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Stage Magic and Neuroscience

Stage magic relies a lot on the fact that human perception is not foolproof. Here’s a great article from Wired on the subject, and if you want to really go into depth, here’s a peer-reviewed paper from Nature on the … Continue reading

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Suffer Little Children

Here’s the story of Nate Phelps, growing up as the son of Fred Phelps in the Westboro Baptist Church. Do go and read it, and then take a deep breath afterwards. 

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The Church of Body Modification

I never cease to be amazed at my species. And eternally grateful that I do not share in the majority of my fellow humans’ beliefs.   (hat tip to Pharyngula)

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Squirrel Nutkin

One of the things I like about my daily walk in the woods is the chance of observing some indigenous wildlife. Yesterday, for example, I managed to photograph a Red Squirrel going about its business. Usually by the time I’ve … Continue reading

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R.I.P., Jim

Sad news, J.G. Ballard has died.

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It’s A Cultural Thing…

NonStampCollector imagines how the meeting between God and his angels went when they discussed the Jesus project… Brilliant.       I must admit, I didn’t realise that God and his angels were Australian. Well, you live and learn, don’t … Continue reading

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Category Error

There’s an old saying in Computer Science: Garbage In, Garbage Out.   Amazon has just provided me with a perfect example. Because I’d bought a book on cosmology, I received an email recommendation from Amazon today:   As someone who has … Continue reading

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