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Sayed Parwez Kambakhsh

This is not justice. This is shameful.

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Sixth Sense

A quite interesting demonstration of a new interface being researched in MIT’s Media Lab. I say "quite interesting" because despite the rapturous reception of a totally uncritical audience, it’s clear that there’s a long way to go in development, and … Continue reading

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Duelling Philosophers

As a bear of very little brain, I find philosophy simultaneously interesting and exasperating. That latter emotion often occurs when I read an argument that strikes me as being intrinsically daft, but don’t have the ready knowledge or the philosophical … Continue reading

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Facing Death

Johann Hari has another thought-provoking column in today’s Independent. This time, his theme is how we have forgotten how to face death. It’s worth reading. And he has given me a reminder that I really should invest in a copy … Continue reading

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Mr. Darwin

Here’s a winner of the Darwin Day Science song contest – a rather charming, typically British, little ditty…       I am currently re-reading Darwin’s Origin of Species and discovering again what a thoughtful, delightful author he was. In … Continue reading

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Sita Sings!

I’ve mentioned Nina Paley and her wonderful Sita Sings the Blues several times before. And now (hooray!) the film is finally finished and released as a full-length animated feature. I love the way the shadow puppets argue over the story… … Continue reading

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