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And The Wnner Is…

On the day when Obama had his inauguration, I read that the well-deserved winner of the 2008 Bad Faith Award was – drumroll – Sarah Palin. Not surprising, I suppose, and doubtless she’ll be back to stretch our belief in … Continue reading

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An Instruction Manual for Life

A short animation about cupboards and drawers…    

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The Testament of Lasantha Wickrematunga

Extraordinary, humbling and deeply moving. Go and read it.

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Flying Blue Unspeak

I’m a member of KLM’s frequent flyer group: Flying Blue. My membership dates from the time when I worked for Shell, and clocked up a fair amount of flying points (and over forty of the Royal Delft houses) visiting various … Continue reading

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A Spot of Bother with the ASA

Now this is priceless. Tim Clague created this video of a Reverend having a spot of bother with the Advertising Standards Authority two weeks before Stephen Green made an ass of himself yet again.   God versus the Advertising Standards … Continue reading

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Time Flies Like An Arrow…

I’m one week away from turning 60. In a way, it’s crept up on me. I still feel and think the same way as I always did (don’t I?), although clearly, the body isn’t as responsive as it once was. … Continue reading

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Struck Speechless

So, I’m reading a blog entry over at written by Matthew Hartfield. He’s looking at the correlation between the rising outbreaks of measles and the anti-vaccination scare caused by baseless fears that the MMR vaccine was linked to autism. … Continue reading

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Pulling the Plug

I see that the Dutch minister for Education, Culture and Science has stopped a subsidy made by the government to a Christian Group based in Arnhem. Apparently, the group, Onze Weg (Our Way), was using the money to run courses that, … Continue reading

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You Probably Couldn’t Make It Up…

… but of course, that would mean expecting sensible behaviour from Stephen Green. On past performance, that is somewhat akin to expecting Hell to freeze over. Yes, we’re talking about his, and other people’s, reaction to the Atheist Bus Campaign.   … Continue reading

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Take Off Your Glasses, Corey

That’s the title of an excellent essay by Simon Sellars that examines the connections between J. G. Ballard‘s fiction and society today. He makes a strong case that Ballard was disturbingly right in his dystopian predictions.

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Winter Is Here

We seem at last to be having a Winter worthy of the name. The Dutch are even daring to hope that the Elfstedentocht might be held again this year. Meanwhile, it’s a photo opportunity out there. View Full Album

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Interviewing Van Der Veer

Here’s a video (with an accompanying article) of George Monbiot interviewing Jeroen van der Veer, CEO of Shell. It’s worth watching, and the article is thoughtful as well. The key point, it seems to me, is that, as Monbiot says: Saving … Continue reading

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TED Sits on the Whoopee Cushion

Over the past few years, I’ve often linked to the TED web site, because they often have interesting talks from interesting people. The TED people have just run into a spot of bother with their video hosting supplier, which means … Continue reading

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What Will Change Everything?

Edge has posted its big question for 2009: "What game-changing scientific ideas and developments do you expect to live to see?" and has asked a wide variety of scientists, academics and philosophers for their answers.   I don’t expect to … Continue reading

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Photos of the Year

Here are the photos that I am most pleased with of all those that I took in 2008. I know that they’re not very good from a professional’s point of view, but I like them… View Full Album

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