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That Old Sinking Feeling

I think Justin, over at Chicken Yoghurt, sums up the queasiness I felt when watching Britain’s eight-minute segment in the Olympic closing ceremony yesterday. Dear lord, it was pretty dire. A wonderful harbinger of the joy to come in 2012 … Continue reading

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The Long Journey

Two presentations on the history of humanity as a species. First, Spencer Wells talking about the Genographic Project, which looks at our shared DNA over millenia. It’s fascinating, and he presents the information well.   Second, here’s the history of … Continue reading

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A Field Guide to Software Engineers

This field guide is so true – in the course of my time in the computer business, I’ve met examples of all of these species. I have occasionally been known to wake up in a cold sweat thinking about some … Continue reading

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Long Term Backup

Over at the Long Now Blog, Kevin Kelly writes on the challenges of preserving human knowledge over long periods of time – thousands of years. The Long Now Foundation has come up with one possible way of doing this, by micro-etching … Continue reading

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Special Effects

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s becoming almost too easy to produce convincing fake footage these days. Here’s a collision between the Star Wars universe and San Francisco…  (hat tip to James Senior)

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When Alarm Bells Ring…

There are certain phrases that start alarm bells ringing in my head. An excellent example is provided by the Pub Philosopher. S/he’s commented upon that nasty little phrase that starts with "Speaking as…" 

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Photosynth Released

I see that Microsoft has now released the first version of Photosynth that allows you to use your own photos to create 3D spaces. I can’t wait to try it out…

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