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Section 28

Johann Hari has a very good article on a piece of UK legislation that has now been consigned to the rubbish bin of history, but whose toxic impact is still felt within UK society. Go and read about it.

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The Asylum and its Administrators

It begins to seem as though the insane have indeed taken over the running of the asylum. Ophelia has the story. I find this ominous. The UN Human Rights Council seems to be concerned with nothing of the sort. Perhaps … Continue reading

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Hello Hal

Another quiz, which, with its nod to 2001, I simply had to do:   OnePlusYou Quizzes and Widgets    One of the questions asks you to classify yourself into an age group. It came home to me that I can … Continue reading

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Knobs and Knickers

I see that the conservative faction of the Church of England is getting its knickers in a twist over the fact that two men (both members of the clergy) dared to hold their civil partnership union in a church. Very … Continue reading

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Today is our tenth wedding anniversary. Last Sunday, our friends and neighbours sprang a surprise party on us to celebrate the fact. They turned up completely unexpectedly with food and drinks in the afternoon. As it was hot in the … Continue reading

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Love Threatens

I see that the work of art in the Rijksmuseum displayed by today’s edition of the Rijkswidget is L’Amour Menaçant by Etienne-Maurice Falconet. I’ve always liked the expression on this Cupid’s face. It’s somewhat unsettling. Here’s a closeup.    

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Hot Weather

We’re currently experiencing a spell of hot weather. That’s brought out the dragonflies to hunt over the ponds. This specimen of Libella depressa uses this iron rod by one of the ponds as its favourite perch.    

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