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Strawmens ‘R Us

Dear lord, but this piece by Mark Ravenhill is pure shite. He clearly hasn’t read anything of TGD before putting up this strawman. What a wanker.

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Misplaced Trust

When it works, SatNav technology is almost magical. When it doesn’t, then the road to Hell beckons. Michael Bywater, in this piece for the Independent last week, sums up the failings, and the inevitable gnashing of teeth, very well. During … Continue reading

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A Day Out

We spent a weekend visiting friends in Sassenheim. On Saturday, we went for a stroll along the beach. It was the first time that our dog Kai had seen the sea. He was fascinated by the sand and the sea … Continue reading

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“I Have to do this thing for our future”

The words of Mohammed Siddique Khan to his baby girl. Truly terrifying and sad beyond all my understanding. And here’s another example: the matyrdom video of Umar Islam. He’s clearly not the sharpest pencil in the box. Born Brian Young … Continue reading

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The Encyclopedia of Life

The video made for the launch of the Encyclopedia of Life has been nominated for a Webby Award. It’s a good piece.

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“God Said So”

David Thompson ruminates on the phenomenon of believers being convinced that they are merely echoing what their particular deity meant, rather than using their deity as a label to justify their own prejudices. A common happenstance, I fear.   For … Continue reading

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ABC Pop-Up

I have a weakness for pop-up books. This book, to be published in September, has gone onto my wishlist immediately.    

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Torchwood Series Two Finale

Well, it was certainly a great improvement over the finale of series one, with its truly bathetic monster. But I still found it a bit of a curate’s egg.The best bits (for me) were:   Naoko Mori’s acting at the moment … Continue reading

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A Secular Society

I’ve noticed that some people seem to equate secularism with atheism. They assume, for example, that a secular society must be an atheistic society. This is not correct. Stephen Law explains secularism in a very clear fashion here. Worth reading, … Continue reading

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The Golden Rule

I’ve only just got around to watching Karen Armstrong‘s speech at this year’s TED conference, in which she makes a plea to restore the Golden Rule as the central global religious doctrine. She wants leaders from the three major monotheistic religions … Continue reading

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Nasty Nationalism

I see that Rita Verdonk is playing the Nationalist card. I’m sorry, but there’s something about her views that simply makes my skin crawl. I’m reminded of Samuel Johnson’s aphorism, recorded by Boswell, that "Patriotism is the last refuge of a … Continue reading

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Cod Science

It amazes me that tosh such as Brain Gym is apparently taught in schools. Clearly aimed at raising a gullible generation of Woo-fodder, then. I’m very thankful that I got through the school system before this rubbish was around. We … Continue reading

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The Problem With XML

Cliff Longman, of Kalido, has a very good explanation of why XML should not be regarded as the universal panacea for data integration. He also talks about the genesis of Kalido. It was a tool developed to tackle the horrendous … Continue reading

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Chimeras or Porkies?

After his scaremongering over stem cell research a couple of weeks ago, I see that Cardinal Keith O’Brien has not learnt wisdom. His latest comments continue his farrago of misinterpretation and downright fraudulence. What a piece of work he is. It is of course … Continue reading

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Letting Them Down Gently

While I manage to spot obvious scams fairly easily, I think it’s only fair to recognise that not everyone does. And if I come across some poor fish on the end of a scammer’s line, then I hope that I will … Continue reading

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Another British Triumph…

… in the long tradition of cock-ups. Heathrow’s Terminal 5. I confess to stirrings of schadenfreude over this:         I do feel for the poor guy (one Ian Bailey). His faith in computer technology is touching. The … Continue reading

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Wave Goodbye…

… to Human Rights. The UN has just signed the death warrant. Depressing.

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