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Steptoe And Son

I grew up watching Steptoe and Son on the Beeb, sitting on the sofa alongside my parents. We all loved it. And last night, BBC4 showed another side behind the flickering images on the haunted fishtank – the lives of … Continue reading

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Following Procedure

Not unexpectedly, Ama Sumani has died. As Udo Schuklenk writes, free care to medical migrants who make it to our shores seems a small price to pay for the asset-stripping that we do to the talent of the developing world.

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Vista SP1 Hiccups

Microsoft released the first Service Pack (SP1) for the Vista family of operating systems a couple of days back. There are two machines running Vista in our house; one reported that SP1 was available to install, the other did not. … Continue reading

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No Right Answer

For the geeks amongst us, Joel Spolsky has a terrific post explaining precisely why Microsoft’s IE8 team are damned if they do or damned if they don’t.

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RIP Arthur

Sir Arthur C. Clarke has died. Alas, he didn’t live to see his 90th birthday wish granted: seeing evidence of extraterrestial life in his lifetime.   Update: This reminiscence of Arthur from Michael Moorcock strikes me as being a truer … Continue reading

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Pennies From Heaven

Recently I saw, to my delight, that the DVDs of the 1978 BBC TV series Pennies From Heaven were once again available. I immediately invested, via Amazon, and they duly arrived last week.   I’ve spent the last three nights reliving … Continue reading

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Art For Art’s Sake

As 10cc once sang: Art for Art’s sake, money for God’s sake…   Alistair mentions, amongst other things, the retrospective of Derek Jarman’s art, and is touched by the passion of the amateur/auteur. I agree, even though I have not seen … Continue reading

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