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I Don’t Know What I’m Talking About

Well, unlike Norm, I really can’t get worked up about sport. Never did, never will. Bread and circuses, anyone?

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Snow Mo

Well, it makes a change from a teddy bear.

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We Are Made For More

It’s strange. This article misses the point on so many levels that it’s more than simply sad, it’s verging on a sin. As one of the commenters notes, it is a "breathtaking exercise in hypocrisy, cant and mendacity."   Update: … Continue reading

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Unscientific Scorn

I see our Maddy Of The Sorrows is back again with yet another ill-thought out article. This time she is worried about the amount of scorn that is being poured upon complementary medicine. Well, just two short comments, Madeline.   … Continue reading

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If you suffer from prosopagnosia, then you are unable to recognise faces.  It turns out that there’s a specific part of the human brain that has evolved to do nothing else other than to recognise faces. Here’s an interesting web page that … Continue reading

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Scaremongering Sermons

I do get very fed-up of prelates who wilfully, it seems to me, scaremonger and tell untruths. There appears to be a concentration of such people in Scotland at the moment. First we had the Bishop of Motherwell, Joseph Devine, … Continue reading

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… continues to disappoint. I’m sorry, but tonight’s "Out of the Rain" episode was not a patch on "Something Wicked This Way Comes", from which it all too obviously seemed to be derived…

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