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Strawman Alert

Andrew Brown reaches a new low in his opinion piece in today’s Guardian. I really am getting awfully tired of the falsehoods that he and people like him (Theo Hobson springs to mind) trot out whenever they mention the name … Continue reading

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Can You See The Stars?

Light pollution is increasing, which means it is becoming ever more difficult to see stars in the night sky. The Globe At Night organisation is asking people around the world to take part in a survey of light pollution levels … Continue reading

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The Salamander’s Tale

YouTube user RodHullIAmHim has provided some visuals to The Salamander’s Tale. This is a short extract from the Audiobook version of Richard Dawkins’ The Ancestor’s Tale. The voices you hear are of Dawkins and his wife, Lalla Ward. The tale … Continue reading

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Ballard on Ballard

Ballardian has a transcription of a terrific interview that J. G. Ballard gave to James Naughtie. Unmissable. Here’s Ballard talking about his book Empire of the Sun: In a way it shows the lengths that human beings will go to survive, … Continue reading

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From The Desk of Mr. Thompson John

I see that scamming is alive and well. I’ve just had a message "From The Desk of Mr. Thompson John" [sic], who purports to be the head of the auditing department in the Buckingham Palace Road branch of Barclays Bank … Continue reading

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Gender Roles

Lucy is not happy with Mr. Deity. I love the line about the nipples.

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Cruel Clock

The Turing Alarm Clock is a very clever idea – but if you’re not good at mental arithmetic, it seems a rather cruel and unusual punishment…

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