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David Shenton

This seems like a blast from the past – I’ve just been told that David Shenton is still producing his comics. And here he is! I remember his work from years ago in the old Gay News. Good to see that … Continue reading

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There’s Nowt So Queer As Folk…

And here’s the next installment of an occasional series. This time, a tip of the hat goes to Jim Downey for drawing our attention to people who trepan for fun. Warning, if you follow his links to the diary entries, … Continue reading

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Service Change

I’ve just noticed that Microsoft has introduced a change to Windows Live Spaces. For some reason best known to themselves, they’ve bolded the fonts used on Custom Lists, and the descriptions of List entries are no longer displayed when the … Continue reading

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Nerd Test

Well, it could have been worse…    

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Lunar Eclipse

Well, I attempted to see the lunar eclipse last night. There was just this slight problem of there being 100% cloud cover and mist. So I saw nothing. Bugger.

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Screams in the Night

Two nights ago, we both woke up in the middle of the night on hearing a sound. It was made by something that was just outside of the bedroom window. Neither of us had ever heard anything like it. It … Continue reading

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Dissecting Dawkins’ Fleas

Over the past year or so, a new niche in the book market has appeared: books written by authors who attempt a riposte of Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion. They have become known as Dawkins’ Fleas (an allusion to a … Continue reading

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Who Are The Fire Starters?

David Thompson asks this question over at his blog. A valid point, I feel. It would appear that some folks think that Mo should not be castigated for wanting to find his cigarette lighter. But hang on, who is starting these … Continue reading

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Damian Thompson is in a somewhat despairing mood at the moment. Can’t say I blame him.

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Poor Max

Max Gogarty is 19. Just about to start a gap year, and he’s off to India to discover himself. He’s also landed a job blogging about it in The Guardian. Fun, huh? Let Mr. Eugenides take up the story. Poor … Continue reading

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When I saw and heard President Bush justifying the use of torture and citing the families of the London 7/7 bombings as a rationale, I wondered how long it would be before Rachel responded. As I expected, she is not … Continue reading

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Watch the Skies

Just a heads up to say that this week sees a lunar eclipse on Wednesday night. I’m hoping that the sky will be clear enough to see it. I’m also reading up on what I need to know in order … Continue reading

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A Vignette

It’s almost 14 years to the day since Derek Jarman died. His friend Howard Sooley pens a touching vignette of Jarman and his garden at Prospect Cottage in today’s Observer. Worth reading.

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Geek Toys

I’ve been somewhat distracted of late and neglecting my blogging. Nothing untoward. Part of it has been because of building work here at the farmhouse, part of it is because the garden is waking up unseasonably early from its winter … Continue reading

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Theatrical Experiences

Alastair Appleton writes of his visit to see the National Theatre’s production of the hour we knew nothing of each other. He thought it was wonderful, and his enthusiasm makes me sad that I no longer live in London with … Continue reading

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The Apocalypse Bus Tour

The Beeb’s been showing a series of quirky documentaries, each highlighting a slightly off-beat look at people: the Wonderland series. They’ve all been rather good, but last night’s episode: The End of the World Bus Tour was a particularly fine … Continue reading

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Below The Horizon

I’ve complained about the falling standards of Horizon before. It appears that what was once the Beeb’s proud flagship of its science reporting has in recent years been dumbed down to a level more suited to the audience of the Teletubbies, … Continue reading

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The Turn of a Card

Diamond Geezer writes of his experience with business cards. It’s very like my own experience in the days when the organisation I worked for kept on reinventing itself (for no good reason that I could discern).

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Definition of an IDiot

I haven’t come across Rabbi Boteach before, but on this evidence he is not the sharpest pencil in the box.

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I signed a petition today. I find the very idea that Tony Blair might become President of Europe obscene in the extreme. 

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