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Set Your Faces To Stunned…

…that’s the quite brilliant opening of Marina Hyde’s Lost in Showbiz piece in The Guardian today. Considering that she’s dealing with events concerning Robbie Williams and David Icke, it seems a fair summing up.

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The Three Little Pigs

Here’s my chance to use that well-worn phrase of the reactionary: "It’s Political Correctness gone mad!" Except that I think that just about sums up the only sane reaction to the news that a story based on the Three Little Pigs … Continue reading

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Pot, Kettle, Black

And just as a footnote to my post about Mr. Cruise’s eloquent demonstration of his self-delusion; Julian Baggini asks: Is Cruise Really So Crazy? Well of course, the answer is no, when you consider that the Vatican has a Chief … Continue reading

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Confounding the Stereotype

Johann Hari has an interesting interview with Nathan Shaked, Mr. International Gay for 2007. He’s not what you might think.   Oh, and after you’ve read that, you should check out his interview wih Peter Tatchell, a secular saint.

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Here’s another short clip of Dr. Brian Cox. Here, he’s trying to explain, desperately, what a wave is to someone else (who I take it is the film director) who simply doesn’t understand what Cox is trying to say. At one … Continue reading

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Arachnophobia and Other Fears

I empathise entirely with Dr. Brian Cox.    

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The Value of Diversity

Philip Ball, over at the Homunculus blog, has a nice post on the value of diversity in human groups. Well worth reading.    Having a team composed of people who have a track record of all taking the same approach … Continue reading

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