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Beauty and Truth

Oh gawd, Theo Hobson is writing twaddle again. And, yet again, he conjures up a Dawkins strawman and imagines his Dawkins puppet saying things that actually are 180 degrees away from what Dawkins has publicly said on the matter. Tiresome.   … Continue reading

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Dawn of a New Day

Apparently, George and Ira Gershwin penned a song: Dawn of a New Day to celebrate the opening of the 1939 New York World’s Fair. It’s rather ironic now in retrospect, given the year.   (hat tip to Paleo-Future for the … Continue reading

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90 Orbits Around The Sun

Sir Arthur C. Clarke is 90 years old today. Here he is reflecting on life. Happy birthday, Sir Arthur!    

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Panto Time Again

One of the things I do miss, out here in the wilds of the Dutch countryside, is the traditional British Panto. It sounds as though Stephen Fry’s adaptation of Cinderella, now on at the Old Vic, is a real Christmas … Continue reading

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Family History Revisited

Earlier this year, I blogged about a piece of our family history. As a result, I was contacted by a distant relative, and we’ve been able to piece together some more details about my great-great-great grandfather and great-great grandparents. She … Continue reading

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Bisexual Flies

PZ Myers explains the recent research into flies that are mutant, bisexual and necrophiliac. Wonderfully illuminating.

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Doris Lessing tells her tale. While I would quibble with her overly pessimistic view of the internet, there is much to give us pause for thought in what she writes. The vignette of the UN official rending his book asunder … Continue reading

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A Horror Story

Carolyn Jessop tells her tale. The horror is made all the more appalling because it is a true story. Hopefully, there is a happy ending.   Update: John Carter Wood adds some worthwhile comment to the story. What I find … Continue reading

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The Worth of a Single Human Being

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I’m An Obstacle on the Road to Peace

I see Pope Benedict is at it again. Apparently, I’m an obstacle on the road to peace. As PZ Myers rightly opines: The pope is a perfect paragon of an entirely ideological source who lacks any evidence for any part … Continue reading

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Walking On The Moon

Alastair Appleton writes about going to see the documentary film: In The Shadow Of The Moon with his mum and dad, and recalling some of the emotions he had as a child about the times. It is amazing to think … Continue reading

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What We See As Fiction…

…Is real in Ethiopia. A Swedish advert.       (hat tip to Osocio)

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The Earth From Above

I see that Google has added a new information layer to Google Earth, which displays the locations taken by the photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand. Stunning images.

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Dell Shoots Itself in the Foot

So Dell has finally announced the availability of its contender in the Tablet PC market: the Dell Latitude XT Tablet PC. Back in May, I commented about this, and had concerns that it would be aimed at the corporate, rather … Continue reading

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Friendship and Soccer

According to Scott Atran, these may be just as important as religion in what goes to forge a terrorist. He puts forward his thesis in this session from Beyond Belief: Enlightment 2.0. His presentation starts at about 1 hour and … Continue reading

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Brave New World

The Paleo-Future blog has a 1967 clip of Walter Cronkite interviewing biologist James Bonner who describes a modest proposal for eugenics. Somehow, I think the chances of implementing the proposal are slim, let alone whether it would actually work in … Continue reading

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It’s Coming…

Oooh, I can’t wait…. Shiver… I note the fact that the film certificate states that the film contains "Graphic bloody violence". Sweeney, I think Tim’s going to do you proud! 

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And The Point Is?

The Nabaztag Rabbit. Suddenly, a cybernetic equivalent of myxomatosis seems a rather good idea…

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You Are My Sunshine

How to get the message across about energy efficiency? Well, here’s one way that combines humour with a serious message…       (hat tip to the Osocio Blog)

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A Miracle

Good heavens, Theo Hobson has written an article that I actually agree with. It’s a Christmas Miracle!

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