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Everything Is Miscellaneous

That’s the title of both a book and a talk given by David Weinberger. The talk (given at Google) is interesting and worth watching. I’m now intrigued about the book.   (hat tip to Tim at the Thingology Blog for … Continue reading

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Human Nature

Ooh, this looks as though it’s going to be one of the great episodes. Part two next week…   But why, oh why, did the Doctor exclaim on seeing a meteor, that it was a meteorite? You did not see … Continue reading

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No Comment

Orac has a book recommendation.

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Stargazing in London

I cursed the bastards at Madame Tussauds when they pulled the plug on the London Planetarium in favour of celebrity pursuit. However, Diamond Geezer warms the cockles of my heart by telling us that Greenwich has stepped up and filled … Continue reading

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Wi-Fi Scaremongering

The BBC has a current affairs programme that’s been running for decades: Panorama. Most of the time, the stories presented under the Panorama banner are worthy, interesting, and well researched. Just occasionally, however, one slips through that is so completely … Continue reading

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Happy Belated Birthday, Carolus!

I’ve been so busy, I forgot that on May 23rd, it was the 300th birthday of Carolus Linnaeus. Sorry about that. He deserves a tip of the hat for his achievements. I see that that the Linnean Society of London … Continue reading

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The Hay Festival

Just a reminder to say that the Hay Festival is once again in full swing. Thankfully, I shall be able to make a vicarious attendance by going to the audio/video library web page.

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