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Yet Another Debate

It’s just like waiting for the proverbial London bus – you stand around for ages and ages, and then three of them come along at once. Here’s another debate about religion… This time between Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens and AC Grayling … Continue reading

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The God of Eth

Stephen Law has another excellent post over at his eponymous blog to get you thinking about the nature of god. It’s always seemed "patently obvious" to me that if such a being exists (I’m a six on the Dawkins scale), … Continue reading

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A Must-See Film?

J. Carter Wood, over at Obscene Desserts, draws our attention to the oft-overlooked art of typography. It’s always seemed strange to me that something so ubiquitous can also be something so unnoticed – its effects being wrought often at almost … Continue reading

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With Friends Like These…

…Who needs enemies? That Mo, eh? What a card he is! Another brilliant episode in the ongoing story of religious folk.

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The Perfect Man For The Job

The director of HIV/AIDS at the World Health Organization has clearly the perfect name… He must be the right man for the job.

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As a restful alternative to the shenanigans of The Apprentice, you might want to try Cheddarvision…

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They’re Baaack!

Another bunch of 16 people whom I definitely wouldn’t want to bump into at parties has hit the screen tonight. Yes, the third series of The Apprentice has begun in all its tacky, toecurling glory. Apparently, all the candidates have … Continue reading

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