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The Big Picture

While this is "Art", it’s also a statistical view of society. Running the Numbers. Interesting.

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Jim Gray is Missing

I hope that this does not turn out to be bad news. Jim Gray has accomplished a lot in his life. I hope he will continue to do so.

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Our Maddy of the Sorrows

I confess that almost anything that Madeleine Bunting writes usually has me rolling my eyes by the second paragraph. And that’s on a good day. Some of the pieces from Our Maddy of the Sorrows have been known to push … Continue reading

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Hobbit Redux

Along with a passion for parasites, Carl Zimmer also has a fondness for Homo floresiensis (hobbits). He summarises the current state of play in the scientific controversy that’s currently underway. Let’s hope that now the cave is open for business … Continue reading

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Bruckner on Hirsi Ali et al…

Via the blog of the editor of the New Humanist, I’ve come across a defence of Ayaan Hirsi Ali by Pascal Bruckner against the "attacks" on her by Timothy Garton Ash and Ian Buruma. I must admit I found Bruckner’s piece … Continue reading

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Cold Turkey

I’ve been fortunate enough never to have had to take anti-depressants in my life. The real kicker appears to be when people stop taking them, as Holly Finch has found out.

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Maths Equation

And now, courtesy of, the Romantic Drama Equation. Seems pretty logical to me.

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