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The White Blanket

I’ve only just caught up with this telling of the story behind Breugel’s Hunters in the Snow. It’s fascinating. Go and read it… 

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What Sex Is Your Brain?

…Take the BBC’s handy-dandy quiz to find out.   I came out as an average male brain, but I got a full score on the spatial reasoning test, which ties in with the engineering background…   (hat tip to PZ … Continue reading

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An interesting series of alternate earths – many taking our own earth as the starting point and altering one or more variables, for example, the planetary tilt…   (hat tip to Nicholas Whyte)

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Images of Wonder

Phil, the Bad Astronomer, has his choice of the ten best Astronomy images of 2006. They are stunning, I agree, and his number one – the magisterial picture of Saturn, with a distant earth just peeping through the rings – … Continue reading

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Little Faces

Liz Henry, over at the ED SF Project, pens an appreciation of the short story "Little Faces" by Vonda McIntyre. I’ve only read one other work by McIntyre, Dreamsnake, which I enjoyed very much. Liz Henry’s description of Little Faces … Continue reading

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Pup Puzzle

Here’s a probability puzzle for you to get the brain cells working again. Or, as in my case, to bash your head repeatedly against the wall trying to work it out.

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Just Ring Apeldoorn…

"Acupuncture" is the latest in a long string of excellent TV Ads for a Dutch Insurance Company, whose slogan is Even Apeldoorn Bellen (Just Ring Apeldoorn). It won the award for best Dutch commercial for 2006. It’s guaranteed to raise a … Continue reading

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