Little Faces

Liz Henry, over at the ED SF Project, pens an appreciation of the short story "Little Faces" by Vonda McIntyre. I’ve only read one other work by McIntyre, Dreamsnake, which I enjoyed very much. Liz Henry’s description of Little Faces is intriguing, and a good example of describing the "what if…" factor of Science Fiction. A sample:
"Little Faces" is about a society of women symbiotic with their living spaceships. It answers the age-old question, "How do you write an exciting romantic crime story set in a genderfucked anarchic utopia?"
The women’s biology, sex, and gender is complicated. Males of the species, the "companions," are not quite sentient, and are attached to the female’s bellies somehow; they are a bit like children, mates, pets, or extra limbs. They’re like remora dildos with the emotional personalities of fire lizards. They’re also a bit like hard drives that contain part of the memory and experiences of the other women who created them. Out of modesty, on formal occasions they are kept covered, though a thoughtful woman would use a lacy veil so that her companions can see out.
It sounds irresistable…  

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