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Windows Photo Gallery on Vista Beta 2

When the build 5308 of Windows Vista came out I took a look at the bundled Windows Photo Gallery application and was not too impressed. Now that beta 2 of Vista is out, I thought I’d look again to see … Continue reading

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What If…

… during World War II, the US military had decided to continue investing in Project X-Ray, instead of the Manhattan Project? Would the world have ended up any differently? What was Project X-Ray? Here’s the entry in Wikipedia… (hat tip … Continue reading

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El Chaltén

Maciej Ceglowski, over at Idle Words, offers a fascinating slice of history about borders, Bailey’s and ice, illustrated with some glorious photographs.

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The End of the Hunt for HIV?

News comes today that scientists believe they have tracked down the original source of the HIV pandemic – two colonies of chimpanzees in Cameroon. Striking to think that a virus that originated there now infects over 40 million people worldwide. … Continue reading

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The Joys of Software Support

This week’s Technobile column in the Guardian has Kieren McCarthy delivering a few well-aimed barbs at the so-called "support" offered by computer companies. He also takes some hefty swipes at the "support" forums inhabited by geeks who either dismiss queries … Continue reading

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Microsoft: Open Mouth – Change Feet

Sometimes I think that Microsoft is its own worst enemy.   Today, Microsoft has announced the availability of Beta 2 of Office 2007. So off I go to the web site to register and download the beta. First of all … Continue reading

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Information Management in the Oil Industry

So, here I am, sitting at my PC and watching the Bill Gates keynote at this year’s WinHEC (yep, I know that I’m a sad case). And here’s Alan Nunns of Chevron, talking about information management in the oil industry. … Continue reading

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