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Britons’ Ignorance of Classical Music

The Guardian reports today on a survey that apparently shows that more than half of Britons polled did not know that Elgar was English, or that Beethoven was born in Germany. But before I get too worked up about this … Continue reading

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Odd Books

Courtesy of the Improbable Research blog, I have been pointed to OddBooks – a web site devoted to odd books. I look forward to many happy hours of browsing.

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Windows Vulnerability

There’s apparently a vulnerability in the graphics rendering engine of Windows that’s being exploited in a new series of attacks. No fix as yet, but a security warning has been published by Microsoft. Be careful what websites you visit.

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Japanese Beauty Aids

It must be tough, trying to be beautiful in Japan.   (hat tip to Zapato Productions intradimensional for the link)

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Charles Socarides

I see that Dr. Socarides died last Sunday. I can’t say I’m sorry – as the obituary says, he inflicted enough pain and suffering on gay and lesbian people in his time, and the organisation he founded (NARTH) continues to … Continue reading

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The Citizenship Test

Both the UK and the Netherlands are toying with the idea of introducing a citizenship test for immigrants. Last night, one of the Dutch TV channels had a programme: De Nationale Inburgering Test (the national citizenship test). It was the … Continue reading

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Dr. Crippen’s Cautionary Tale

I’ve started reading Dr. Crippen’s NHS Doctor blog. He seems to be another fellow soul; close to having a Victor "I don’t believe it!" Meldrew meltdown like me at the foibles of today’s modern world, infested as it is with management … Continue reading

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