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First Mice, Now Icebergs Get In On The Act

Following on from the delightful discovery that male mice sing to woo the female, comes a story that scientists have recorded icebergs "singing". Methinks the word "singing" is a tad wishful thinking – part of the song sounds like an … Continue reading

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The End of an Era

My husband, Martin, has been the power behind Martins balletcenter for over 20 years. He has taught jazz dance to hundreds of pupils over the years. What made his school probably unique (certainly to my knowledge) was the fact that … Continue reading

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali in London

Steve, over at The Sharpener, pens a piece about Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s appearance at the ICA in London. Worth reading.

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Lightning Can Strike Twice

Rachel’s story has been published today in The Sunday Times. Just go and read it, you hear?   Update: Rachel writes: "Resentment and anger are the breeding ground for the pitiless narcissism that I believe lies at the heart of … Continue reading

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Umberto Eco on God

There’s an interesting article in the Sunday Telegraph today written by Umberto Eco: God Isn’t Big Enough for Some People. In it, he weighs the religious celebration of Christmas against the purely commercial one. Not surprisingly, he finds the latter … Continue reading

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The Singapore Sling…

…well, perhaps not quite yet. But Spiegel carries an English-language article about an unlikely event: a Sex Industry convention held in Singapore… As ever, Dr. Judy gives good quotes…

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Two Down…

…three to go? The inimitable Steve Bell puts out his take on the latest Bush rumour. Meanwhile, al-Jazeera staff have started a blog to plead Bush not to bomb them.

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