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Good Design

I mentioned Hillel Cooperman yesterday in connection with his presentation on good interface design in software. It turns out he has a blog, and I came across this entry on good design of physical objects – in this case a … Continue reading

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The Softer Side of Software

The material from Microsoft’s Professional Developers’ Conference for 2005 are now up online as video streams as well as downloadable presentations.    One aspect of software development that has always interested me is that of user interface design and usability. … Continue reading

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East of Eden

I don’t know if you’ve been following the Operation Eden blog, but if not, please go and read Clayton James Cubitt’s entry for today. It’s a story that shows how simple acts of kindness can do good. It makes a pleasant … Continue reading

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RIP Rosa

Rosa Parks died yesterday at the age of 92. Her refusal to give up her seat on a bus was the spark that led to the civil rights movement taking off in the US 50 years ago. RIP, Rosa.

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Honesty in Advertising

… a novel concept, I think you’ll agree. However, it clearly worked for the ex-owner of these leather pants, advertised on eBay. His reasons for selling them strike me as being painfully true.   Oh, and the Q&A section is … Continue reading

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Detainee Reporting

Orwellian Newspeak rears its ugly head again – this time by the head of MI5, Eliza Manningham-Buller. She said: "Experience proves that detainee reporting can be accurate and may enable lives to be saved." "Detainee reporting" strikes me as a … Continue reading

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Nature’s Wonders

I’ve noticed before how biologists seem to adore some of the most bizarre examples of Mother Nature’s work, so I particularly like this quote from Dan Nilsson on the Box Jellyfish: "These are fantastic creatures with 24 eyes, four parallel … Continue reading

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Is there a Plan B?

Back in May, I revealed my plan for getting a Wollemi Pine, since my better half won’t countenance having its close relative – the Monkey Puzzle Tree – anywhere near any garden of his.   Alas, the plan has come … Continue reading

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Never Let Me Go…

… is the title of a novel by Kasuo Ishiguro. I referred to it a little while back in connection with the Man Booker prize (it was the runner-up).   I was sufficiently intrigued by the storyline that I bought … Continue reading

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Oooh – lots of eBooks for free – and legal! I’ll just wait for another generation of the Tablet PC and I’ll be all set.   (hat tip to Mike over at Coffee Corner)

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Mumbai: MegaCity

Interesting item about Mumbai over at the WorldChanging blog. As Suketu Mehta writes in his book: "Bombay is the future of urban civilization on the planet. God help us."

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Return of the 17-Year Cicadas

There’s a fascinating film that has been made, documenting the 17 year life-cycle of cicadas. It’s called Return of the 17-Year Cicadas. Go and watch it here.   Clearly made by people who love the cicadas – "In 2004, the … Continue reading

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Lock Up Your Kittens…

… because Ophelia over at ButterfliesAndWheels is in a foul mood. And you know what? I agree with her 100%. I really am beginning to wonder whether the legacy of the Age of Enlightenment is well and truly dead, and we … Continue reading

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Avoid At All Cost

As if the ringtone wasn’t bad enough, some bastard has gone and manufactured a Crazy Frog doll. Perhaps it will work as a voodoo doll, and if I stick enough pins in it some idiot with a mobile phone playing … Continue reading

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Your Personal Helicopter

If you’re tired of life, why not invest in a Gen-H4 Personal Helicopter? I was going to say that I wouldn’t be seen dead in one of these things – but I suspect that would be the inevitable result. I’ll … Continue reading

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The Ex-Parrot

I’m not the only one who thought that we had stumbled into Monty Python territory on hearing the news that a parrot had died of bird flu in the UK. CuriousHamster over at A Big Stick and a Small Carrot … Continue reading

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Well, I’m Back…

…he said, doing his best Sam Gamgee impersonation. For the last week we’ve been taking a short holiday in the province of Gelderland in The Netherlands. Getting to know the countryside that should, if all goes well on the house … Continue reading

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I just thought that I’d leave you pondering some art produced by a collection of artists involved in the Dutch company Mothership.   In particular, the body suit/armour/fetishware stuff produced by Masahiro Fukuyama. Disturbing doesn’t even begin to describe it.

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Service Interruption

Just to note that I’m travelling again for a few days, so blogging will be thin or, more probably, non-existent for a while. I’m sure you’ve all got better things to do with your time anyway.

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Fantastic Cinema

Today’s Guardian has a terrific article penned by Marina Warner – one of my favourite writers mining the rich seam of folklore and the fantastic in European culture. Her article focuses on film makers who have brought their visions of … Continue reading

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