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Turing’s Cathedral

Interesting piece penned by George Dyson that has been posted over at the Edge. Dyson is reflecting on his visit to Google in the context of the history of computing, from von Neumann and Turing onwards. My visit to Google? … Continue reading

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Only 80%?

So I’m not Mr. Spock then, but at least I’m down in the bottom left corner, where I expected to be…   You fit in with:Atheism Your ideals mostly resemble those of an Atheist. You have very little faith and … Continue reading

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George Takei Comes Out

If you have to ask who’s George Takei?  then you are clearly not a Trekkie – a fan of Star Trek. Takei is the actor who played the role of Lieutenant Sulu, the helmsman of the Starship Enterprise in its … Continue reading

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Why Bother Going to the Cinema?

That’s the question that Diamond Geezer raised on his blog recently. He rightly notes that the time between a film being released in the cinema and it being released on DVD is becoming alarmingly short. It used to be a … Continue reading

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Going, Going…

… Almost gone. The Routemaster bus from London, that is. The red double-decker Routemaster bus, with its open platform at the back is an icon, but it is being removed from service in London. Today, it vanishes from route 38, … Continue reading

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Another Recruit to the Ranks

It was just over a month ago that I was writing about the retirement of an ex-colleague of mine. Last night I was back at the Shell offices in The Hague to join the farewell celebrations of yet another well-liked … Continue reading

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Amazing Ad

I’ve just come across this amazing advert for Honda cars, which I hadn’t seen before. Heath Robinson would have been proud. According to this, there is no computer graphic trickery involved – it is all real. It did, however, take … Continue reading

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