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The Love of Books

WhipPoorWill posts an entry that encapsulates perfectly the impact that books have on people – it brought tears to my eyes. I know how Declan feels. Books are multidimensional beings, and we destroy those that have the deeper roots into our … Continue reading

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The End of an Era

Since I retired from the IT organisation in Shell just over a year ago, a number of my colleagues have followed suit. Last night I attended the farewell celebrations (a reception and then later a dinner) of one who was … Continue reading

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The West Wind

Phila, over at the Bouphonia blog, writes a brilliant post musing on the connections between bird flu and Dickens’ Bleak House. I’ve never actually read Bleak House, but this post has made me want to.

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So, You Want a Dog?

We’re starting to think seriously about moving East. Not all that far – still within the Netherlands – but near to the Dutch/German border in Gelderland. As part of the deal, Martin has let it be known that if we … Continue reading

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PZ Myers delivers a surgical flensing of some twaddle spouted by Deepak Chopra. When one is faced with such monumental stupidity such as this asinine crap from Chopra (e.g. the oxygen atom is intelligent) it is difficult to restrain oneself … Continue reading

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Not All Doom and Gloom

I commented earlier this week on the story in The Guardian about the witch hunts for gays and lesbians in the British Armed Forces. I see that my friend Ed has got a letter about it in The Guardian today. … Continue reading

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A New Type of Library

The library in Almelo will be lending more than books as from next month. You’ll be able to borrow a person – such as a gay man or a Muslim woman – for an hour – to ask him or her … Continue reading

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