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Pope Calls Gay Marriage Part of ‘Ideology of Evil’

So reports Reuters about the pope’s new book. What a charming man he is. Excuse me while I go and turn the other cheek. No doubt his imminent successor will be cut from the same cloth.

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I Dream of the Body Electric

I Sing the Body Electric is the title not only of a Walt Whitman poem, but also a wonderful short story by Ray Bradbury. The story concerns three children, whose father invests in a robot nanny to bring them up … Continue reading

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The Religion Meme and Prof Ramachandran

The Guardian has a weekly supplement devoted to the Life Sciences. This week it has an interesting article about why people have religious faith – suggesting that it may be a survival mechanism. Being atheist myself, I’ve long been intrigued … Continue reading

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Gays and The Military

Came across two stories today about Gays and the military services. First, today’s Guardian reports that the UK Navy is entering into a partnership with Stonewall and actively seeking gay recruits in the Pink Press: Navy’s new message: your country … Continue reading

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Things I don’t Miss about Work: The Language

#2 in an occasional series. Last week, the BBC broadcast the first episode of a series called The Apprentice. It will follow the fortunes of 14 applicants (seven men, seven women) who are all fighting for a single job with Alan … Continue reading

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Managing Libraries of Photos

I’ve been photographing things since 1966. I started with 35mm (I’ve dallied with both negatives and slides). In 1997, I acquired an APS format camera and used it alongside my 35mm camera. The convenience of the APS camera (a Canon … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t You Just Know It!

Having worked with computers, I’ve got resigned to the fact that the moment you decide to invest in a computer, the manufacturer seems to bring out a new version that is twice the speed at half the price. Yesterday, Thursday, I … Continue reading

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