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Dissecting Windows

As we rush towards the release of Windows 8 later this week, the number of articles in the tech (and mainstream) press on Windows 8 is increasing. Most of them are instantly forgettable, but in amongst the pap and dross … Continue reading

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Forget Burglars, Shoot a Banker…

That’s Craig Murray’s modest proposal. Truth to tell, looking at the behaviour of the banking industry over the past few years, it has a certain ring to it…

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At Long Last – A Result!

You may recall that I’ve been trying for some time to get Microsoft to correct some false data that they’ve been holding on me. My Microsoft account for their online stores (the Zune/Xbox Live/Windows Phone service account) states that I live … Continue reading

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“Features Have Changed”

Oh gawd, here’s yet another example of Microsoft opening its mouth in order to change feet. We happy band of Windows Phone owners (a select few, I grant you) have had a number of ways to purchase Apps for our … Continue reading

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Left Hand, Meet Right Hand…

Sigh, this is yet another rant about Microsoft… You may recall that I am concerned about the limitation in Microsoft’s Zune/Xbox Live/Windows Phone service account whereby you can’t change your country of residence if you move. You also can’t delete … Continue reading

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The Past Is Another Country…

Thanks to a reference from another ex-Shell person, I came across this short film, made in 1963, about Shell Centre in London. It’s quite an extraordinary social document in a way, chock-full of unconscious sexism. But on the other hand, … Continue reading

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I Don’t Believe It!

You know, when I was at university, in the dim and distant past, back at the beginning of the 1970s, the LSE (the London School of Economics) was viewed as a hotbed of student activism. So recent events at the … Continue reading

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