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Moeliker Triumphant

I’m pleased to report that Kees Moeliker has succeeded in his quest… Five old crabs and a fresh one…

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The Electronic Book

While books have been available in electronic form for some time, their Achilles heel, it seems to me, has always been the devices used to read them. The limitations of display technology, battery life, form factor or cost have meant … Continue reading

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Doctor Meets Doctor

The Beeb commissioned a special short episode of Doctor Who for last Friday’s Children in Need fundraising in the UK. The fifth and the tenth Doctor meet. Clearly, a great time was had by all. The two actors are perfect, … Continue reading

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Missing the Cluetrain

It seems as though many of my (British) countrymen and women are in high dudgeon over this Eurostar advert. Frankly, it reflects badly on their own insularism and ignorance. The advert is placed in Brussels, and anyone with a smidgeon … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Magic

Funny how some folk don’t recognise a mirror when they see it…

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A Kind Of Magic

Ben Goldacre has an excellent piece over at Bad Science that flenses homeopathy in a magisterial manner. Do go and read it. If there is any evidence to show that homeopathy is distinguishable from the placebo effect, then it appears … Continue reading

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Identifiable Human Suffering

Over at BLDGBLOG, Geoff Manaugh makes a telling point about campaigns aimed at raising awareness about climate change in Climate Change Escapism. And that is that pictures showing drowned resorts or dry rivers don’t necessarily have the intended impact. There … Continue reading

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Serbian Biscuits

Nicey, over at a NiceCupOfTeaAndASitDown, discovers some biscuits from Serbia with a rather unfortunate name… I wonder if Kees Moeliker would like them?

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Brilliant, just brilliant…

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Rational Thought

Sigh, I’m not listed, but then that’s not really important. The kernel is that these sites hold the torch of rational thought aloft. Check them out.    

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The Mugwump Youth

I see that the Lyrical Terrorist has had her sentence handed down.   It’s a difficult case. Some, Like Inayat Bungawala, make her out to be almost a wronged innocent. I can’t say that I fully agree. I’m closer to … Continue reading

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The Portable Atheist

Looks like another item is going on to my wish list of books to read: The Portable Atheist, an anthology of pieces selected and introduced by Christopher Hitchens. Here’s an excerpt from the introduction. As usual, Hitch is not backward … Continue reading

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The Machine is Us/ing Us

Here’s a terrific little video that conveys something of the excitement I feel when I think about the Web and the extraordinary changes that I’ve seen in its technology in the last 15 years.     It really doesn’t seem … Continue reading

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More Snake-Oil Salesmen

Never underestimate the capacity for manufacturing new ways to turn a buck. Le Canard Noir draws our attention to a company called Exradia which seems to be hoping to create a new health scare around mobile phones. As he says: … Continue reading

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Another Milestone

I see that today my blog clocked up its 250,000th page view. Thanks for dropping by.

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Stoning Is A Metaphor

I’m sorry, but in amongst a few good points, Dr. Muhammad Abdul Bari does talk a lot of nonsense. Stoning is a metaphor for disapproval? Tell that to those who have been killed by it. I also see that, rather than … Continue reading

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How High Is The Bar?

There’s a fad going round at the moment whereby anyone can test the reading comprehension level required for a given blog. Apparently, I set the bar fairly low:     I’m actually quite pleased by this. I take it to … Continue reading

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Hema’s Product Page

I don’t generally like web pages that use lots of Flash technology, but I confess that I do like this product page of Hema (a Dutch store – rather like a slightly upmarket Woolworths). Do go and visit, and wait … Continue reading

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Energy For Free

Never underestimate the desire for wishful thinking. Ben Goldacre reports on yet another "energy for free" non-story. The video of the "news interview" made me want to slap all concerned around the cheeks with a wet fish.

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Attenborough on God

National Treasure Sir David Attenborough reflects on the question of god.      

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