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Recycling Is Good Business

As a result of the house move and buying some new stuff, we’d accumulated a lot of rubbish that needed to be got rid of. It was time to look at the recycling options. When we were in Gouda, we’d … Continue reading

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Look Out, Eurovision’s Coming…

This weekend sees this year’s extravaganza of kitsch, otherwise known as Eurovision. We’ll be glued to the TV, watching the BBC simply because of Terry Wogan’s post-ironic commentary. Eurovision really is the biggest pile of tosh, and for that reason … Continue reading

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Harold and Maude

Rupert Christiansen in The Telegraph reviews Harold and Maude, and brings back a whole raft of memories to me. Thanks to Yuki for saying to me all those years ago that I simply had to see this film. She was … Continue reading

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Mourning Sickness

An interesting, and sobering, story in The Guardian today. It’s about the reaction to the death of an American teenager – Anna Svidersky – that has become an Internet phenomenon. Real life and online life appear to be becoming one … Continue reading

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Distressing evidence emerges today that journalists on The Observer are becoming lazy irresponsible hacks who can’t be bothered to check the credentials of anyone purporting to be an expert.    The evidence: quoting Christopher Malyszewicz as an "MRSA Expert" after … Continue reading

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Not What I was Looking for…

So there I was, looking for a solution for long term storage of our extra bedding (sheets, pillowcases, and so forth). I’d seen a solution that was like a strong plastic bag, into which you stuff the textiles and then … Continue reading

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And The Big Gay Read Winner Is…

… Armistead Maupin for Tales of the City. While it’s understandable that Maupin has won – the books are good and deservedly popular – part of me thinks that, for a competition seeking to find the favourite books of British … Continue reading

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Black Lake: The Ballet

Here’s a piece of trivia for you: Sir Sean Connery is reputed to have devised a ballet in the mid-1960s. Perhaps fortunately for posterity, it was never performed. However, Tim Dowling, in today’s Guardian, does a wonderful job of imagining … Continue reading

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Prejudice in the EU

A sobering article in the Guardian today that contrasts the situation of gays and lesbians living in different parts of the EU. The prejudice and homophobia that exists in some countries such as Poland must make life pretty miserable for … Continue reading

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The Piper and the Penguin

Idle Words has an entry on Tierra del Fuego with an arresting image of a piper and a penguin. The words are interesting too. Although, I don’t share his enthusiasm for Bruce Chatwin, who always struck me as a monstrous … Continue reading

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Shuffling the Rats

Simon Hoggart nails it as usual. But the biggest rat of all didn’t get shuffled- he was the one doing the shuffling. There ain’t no justice in the world.

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Cracks in the Pavement

When I was very small, I used to be scared to step on the cracks in the pavement. I also was quite convinced that there were dragons in the attic that would come after me when I left the bedroom … Continue reading

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Never A Truer Word…

"B&Q is not an evolutionary part of the process. A B&Q shed planted on the edge of the greenbelt is not evolution, that’s just mismanaged". – Bill Bryson on the current state of the British Countryside; an interview in today’s … Continue reading

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Damn It, Janet

Another event in London that I missed. I saw the original production at the Royal Court (was it really 33 years ago? Ohmigod!), have seen the film countless times and have even gone to parties dressed as Frank-N-Furter. It’s in … Continue reading

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Choose One from the Following

Gary McKinnon is either:   a) barking   b) a sad case   c) trying to justify himself   d) taking us for a ride   My money hovers between (b) and (d), but (a) would not surprise me.

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The Sultan’s Elephant

Now that’s something I would like to have seen…   Update: Lots of photos on Flickr…

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I Am Not A Number…

It just gets better and better…

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Doctor Who’s Viral Marketing

The BBC has been setting up tie-in websites as viral marketing for Doctor Who. I haven’t had time to explore them yet, but will try to do so sometime soon.   And may I just say that the reinvented Doctor … Continue reading

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